Adjusting your online marketing to various social media platforms

online-advertisingIf you decide to skip hiring of various marketing agencies to run you online advertising campaign and trust the project to our team of creative experts, so aspects are guaranteed. We provide high performing software and guidelines that will convert all ideas into easy, attractive and effective online presentation. Our team covers various social media using tools for cross-platform management, so the unique virtual identity of your product will be presented in various environments of social media platforms.
Knowing well the characteristics of every social media and the profile of an average user of each platform, we are capable of adjusting your brand image according to each of these environments without losing its authenticity.

Here is just a brief overview of different marketing strategies applied in different social media platforms, so you can get the general impression on how it works.


facebookA business advertising campaign on Facebook starts with creating a personal page of your company with all the required general information about your products. There are two main aspects of Facebook’s environment you should keep in mind when presenting your company here – Facebook is rather casual and relaxed environment and it mainly relies on visual effect. All your content, whether its textual material, videos or images should be adjusted to these aspects.


twitterTwitter is mostly focused on dialogue and communication thus the message should be short and highly effective. Here you get the opportunity to follow other users in your industry, to interact with customers and update the public continuously about your business. However, make sure your official, strictly business tweets are combined with occasional casual tweets, so your followers don’t get fed up. Be very active and dedicated, since Twitter requires constant presence to stay up to date.


linkedinHaving maintained profile of your company here gives you the note of professionalism. LinkedIn is the formal manner of social media marketing since it gives you the opportunity to present your company and all your products and services thoroughly. Strictly business is a policy here. This also enables you to interact with other companies in your field actively and to be spotted by customers according to specific recommendations.


youtubeYour online advertising strategy should certainly include video content and presentation via YouTube. This powerful marketing tool gives you the chance to present your brand visually and dynamically and to “go viral” with attractive clips. Compared to all other social media platforms, YouTube presentation, and advertising probably comes the closest to interacting with your clients personally.