Benefits of social media marketing

There is still an ongoing debate about marketing and advertising via social media platforms. Since these aspects of web gained their popularity quite over the night, many entrepreneurs still don’t recognize its influence and potential. The reputation of passing attraction and shallow manner of communication still questions the profitability of social media advertising.

Social media

On the other hand, statistics keep proving the powerful impact of social media on the profit and popularity of many companies and products that used these platforms for marketing campaigns. It turns out that it is rather a matter of knowing the right way to take advantage of social media marketing. Here is the list of the most important benefits you can gain if adding social media presentation to your online advertising activity.

Bigger market, lower marketing costsF

twitter_facebook1One thing are for sure – being present in the various social media platforms makes you accessible to more potential clients worldwide than if you stick to only “traditional” forms of advertising. Interactions via social media have endless potential and the more your brand is present around, the more people will spot it. Every new friend or follower on Facebook or Twitter (for example) open you to dozens of new users and increases your overall inbound traffic. At the same time, social media are rather affordable methods of online advertising, even if you prefer paid advertisements instead of maintaining fan page or blog.

Make psychology of mass media work for you

target-groupAdding social media to your marketing strategy is more than just adding few new channels of projecting your business into the air. This form of advertising allows you to take advantage of personalization and profiling average users of a given social media platform. Namely, if you estimate your target group precisely and get familiar with the way they use social media, you’ll be able to take advantage of these findings and present yourself in more effective and direct way to the right group of people. At the same time, social media allows you to overcome corporative effect and make your presentation more personal. It has rather a positive effect because people tend to trust more and engage into business easily when faced with more “human” version of management.

 Minimal loses if being present, significant if not being present

Since using social media costs you minimal, there is not much you can lose with advertising your company via this media. At the same time, competition companies are probably using it already so that you might be losing the competition this way.